DriverHub installs Windows drivers for free

Version: for Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11
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DarthVader VAn

Wow I did not expect DriverHub to be this very helpful. I've tried using different site for searching drivers for my very old laptop but I just wasted my time browsing over the internet. I've been using Driver magician since early 2010 but it requires ...

KØ Brian

it works perfectly and better than other paid for softwares

Juan Francisco Valencia

It´s the best software I have used!

János Dávid

The program not bad but very slow download speed and not all periferia driver updated.

martien verhaeg


Dennis Way

Finds the drivers you need in just 4 easy clicks, just scan delays about 1-2 minutes then, a list of required drivers to be updated is shown, another click and upfate process starts. within 5-6 minutes the process is finiched and you are done. this tool ...

Domi Beats

At first I thought this app would be another 15-30 minutes of my life wasted, tho its not a waste and was simple to install and took a few minutes to install to the latest driver present to date. Updating the drivers may vary on how quickly the install ...

One of the best and most powerful programs to get to know all the hardware parts for free without torment frankly and without exaggeration from my personal experience

Rick Imhotep

Pretty handy and easy to use. I'm late finding this driver utility but am glad I found it.

Franz Gagliardi

Really convenient and simple to use, I believe it will become my favorite driver update. Thanks and good job !!!

100% Free!

No need to pay anything for using, downloading and installing drivers for your PC and Laptop. DriverHub is freeware.

Absolutely safe

DriverHub was tested globally by many antivirus software companies and signed by code signing certificate. No viruses and trojan inside. Checked!

No need to call service center

Millions of DriverHub drivers sorted by category and OS collected across the globe will let you find and install trusted drivers in a minute.

Step 1: Download software
Step 2: Finish installation
Open your Downloads folder and locate the DriverHub installer file named "driver-hub-install[__xхх].exe".

Double-click the installer file to complete the installation.